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Greg Freeman

Mixing / Production / Recording

Selected Releases:

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Mix / Prod / Rec Additional/Assistant Eng.

Rudimental ft. Anne-Marie & Tion Wayne - Come Over

Rudimental - Come Over.jpg


Rudimental - Ground Control

Rudimental - Ground Control.jpg


Portico Quartet - Monument

Portico Quartet - Monument.jpg

Mix / Rec

Neil Cowley - Hall Of Mirrors

Neil Cowley - Hall Of Mirrors.jpg

Mix / Prod / Rec

Portico Quartet - Terrain

Portico Quartet - Terrain.jpg

Mix / Prod / Rec

Zara Larsson - Don't Worry Bout Me (Rudimental Remix)

Zara Larsson - Don't Worry Bout Me.jpg


Emily Barker -  A Dark Murmuration of Words

Emily Barker - A Dark Murmuration Of Words.jpg

Mix / Prod / Rec

Paradise Cinema - Paradise Cinema

Paradise Cinema - Paradise Cinema.jpg


Neil Cowley - Building Blocks Pt. 1

Neil Cowley - Building Blocks Prt 1.jpg

Mix / Prod / Rec

Portico Quartet - Memory Streams

Portico Quartet - Memory Streams.jpg

Mix / Rec

Rudimental ft. The Martinez Brothers - Easy On Me

Rudimental - Easy On Me.jpg


Portico Quartet - We Welcome Tomorrow

Portico Quartet - We Welcome Tomorrow EP

Mix / Rec

Hyukoh - Through Love

Hyukoh - Through Love.jpg

Prod / Rec

Leo Bhanji - No Guard

Leo Bhanji - EP.jpg


Portico Quartet - Art In The Age of Automation

Portico Quartet - AITAOA.jpg

Mix / Rec

Pete Josef - I Rise With the Birds

Pete Josef - I Rise With The Birds.jpg


Rudimental & Preditah ft. Morgan - Mean That Much

Rudimental ft. Morgan - Mean That Much.j


Neil Cowley - Beat Infinitum EP

Neil Cowley - Beat Infinitum.jpg

Mix / Prod / Rec

Rudimental ft. Afronaut Zu - Krazy

Rudimental - Krazy.jpg


Morgan - My Year

Morgan - My Year.jpg


Portico Quartet - Untitled (AITAOA) # 2

Portico Quartet - Untitled (AITAOA #2).j

Mix / Rec

Sam Brookes - Kairos

Sam Brookes - Kairos.jpg

Mix / Prod / Rec

Portico Quartet - Portico Quartet

Portico Quartet - Portico Quartet.jpg

Mix / Rec

Szjerdene - Trace

Szjerdene - Trace.jpg


Goldfrapp - Tales of Us

Goldfrapp - Tales Of Us.jpg

Rec / Add Eng

Low Chimes - Illumine

Low Chimes - Electric Bloom.jpg

Mix / Prod / Rec

Hyukoh - 23

Hyukoh - 23.jpg

Mix / Add Eng

Amy Winehouse - Lioness: Hidden Treasures

Amy Winehouse - Lioness.jpg

Asst. Eng

Pete Josef -Colour

Pete Josef - Colour.jpg

Mix / Rec

Goldfrapp - Headfirst

Goldfrapp - Headfirst.jpg

Rec (3 tracks)

Mumford and Sons - Babel

Mumford and Sons - Babel.jpg

Add Eng

Peter Gregson - Cello Counterpoint

Peter Gregson - Cello Counterpoint.jpg

Mix / Rec

David Rhodes - Bittersweet

David Rhodes - Bittersweet.jpg


Peter Gabriel - Down To Earth (Wall E Soundtrack)

Peter Gabriel - Down To Earth.jpg

Asst. Eng

Fon Roman - Entrelatas


Mix / Add Eng

Peter Gregson - Terminal

Peter Gregson - Terminal.jpg

Mix / Rec

Syriana - The Road To Damascus

Syriana - The Road To Damascus.jpg

Mix / Add Eng

The Apples - Fly On It

The Apples - Fly On It.jpg


Portico Quartet - Live/Remix

Portico Quartet - Live Remix.jpg


Josh Arcoleo - Beginnings

Josh Arcoleo - Beginnings.jpg


I started my career assisting and engineering at Peter Gabriel's Realworld Studios and spent the following years working freelance as a producer, mixer and sound recordist.


I have vast experience coordinating albums to deadlines and conducting busy sessions in various studios on a range of large format consoles. I mix, produce and record in selected studios and mix in my mix room all equiped with the highest quality analogue and digital signal processors.


My tastes are broad and I don't have a preferred genre, I just love great and original music. I use these broad tastes and associated techniques to enhance each artist's work and make each project as distinctive as it deserves to be. I pride myself on being focused, friendly and calm in the process of bringing your music from conception to market.

I am available for online and attended mix sessions and also for recording sessions at a studio of my recommendation or your choice. Please feel free to email me for rates and enquiries.


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